Family Legacies provides your family with a way to memorialize those special times, meaningful events, awards and relationships through a Photo Scrapbook complete with photos that you choose along with a brief description of each.

You will:

  1. Pick a photo or image to be used (This can be a birth certificate, baby picture, family picture, anything you can imagine that can be copied on a copy machine.)
  2. Describe the image (Please explain what you see, not who. This is important to help us coordinate which photo goes into which page of your scrapbook. You can have up to 12 photos.)
  3. Explain the image (Write a brief explanation as to the significance of the photo your have selected. This can be an account of what is taking place in the photo, a time frame of when it was taken, or just how it has special meaning to you.)

Example (above)
Scanned Image Description #1: Portrait of man in black shirt and tie.
Scanned Image Caption: We had always wanted a portrait of dad. This photograph was taken on his 71st birthday.

You may submit up to 12 scanned images, photos or artwork (12 for the scrapbook, plus one featured image) with descriptions and captions for each.

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